1. I’m legit just about to go dig out the bamboo until sai 2 gets released because jesus christ 


  2. I don’t think sai is anti-aliasing properly and now my pen tools all look terrible what the fuuucckkk


  3. shiny delphox


  4. nm that was a mess


  5. hahaha all my brush settings feel wrong again aaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahaha


  6. cheshiresmoon said: Bara Lady Knight

    okay you joke but this is basically 50% of the requests


  7. zadjatheifrit replied to your post: deliciousboards: send girl knight req…

    Girl knight with dual scimitars


  8. im-going-bearzerk said: Girl knight with armor that resembles crystal (like quartz)

    is there like a term for what the fuck ever anamanaguchi’s neon pink future scifi aesthetic is or are we just calling everything vaporwave now


  9. kutekweer said: Sorry I'm just obsessed with older knight ladies I almost can never find art of them URG

    no ur right they’re basically the greatest 


  10. kutekweer said: What's a knight girl?

    any cute girl in armor, which is all of them