1. ey post screens of ur destiny guardians I might draw em 


  2. thinkin bout my titan and their cool sensor horns & also how badly I need a robot pronoun for them


  3. Calm down there buddy


  4. maximumweeb:

    is it rly sad i wish i had money to throw at deliciousboards (i forgot your halloween url mer oops) to do the sketches for the redesigns of robert (zee) and mine (fey)’s outfits, rather than something like bills?

    tho to be fair i only have the inspo stuff grabbed for fey’s, i’m debating just what i want to do with zhul’emal’s clothes for version 2.0 (since i did the original outfit design off of a text description for him back on a nwn server)

    but i rly don’t want to have to sit down and draw it

    i’m horrible

    I didn’t even see this on my dash omg but w/e just stick everything in a big post and @ tag me I might toss smthn out


  5. diamondslaughter replied to your post: HAHA WHOOPS 

    what happen?

    I posted on the wrobg blob




  7. deliciousboards:

    1920x1080 wallpaper just for you.


  8. When my brush posts goes around:


  9. casual reminder for new ppl my prnouns aree they/them/their


  10. so would ppl be interested in destiny character art