1. mgiht be doing sdrawingjs torowoos no promsises


  2. moviejs has gone too logna and I’ve drikngi too much wine no stupaid doogkles tongnight 


  3. micheal bay confirmed brony 


  4. this is the worst movie I’ve ever seen please send help 


  5. I am 1/8 of a bottle of wine, 1/2 a cocktail, and 1/5 into a transformers movie drunk.

    stupid drawing will probs commence after I finish the movie and/or bottle of wine


  6. I’m probably gonna be getting really drunk later and drawing stupid things. would anyone like to pay me a dollar to draw them a stupid thing. 


  7. officialbadurl said: i intended it more like "should i consider asking ppl not to put my stuff in masterposts too if i ever make anything worthwhile"

    okay but just realize that basically every time some1 asks “why do you do the thing” like that, it’s a passive aggressive attack against my control over my own content. ppl ask it all the time to make me justify why I should have control over the things I have produced and not them. They want ME to justify why THEY should respect MY wishes. 

    if u rly wanna know if you should ask ppl to not include your stuff in content aggregations? yeah, you probs should. master posts contribute almost nothing to exposure and unless you do nothing but tutorials the notes and follows gained from tut posts are mostly meaningless ime.


  8. officialbadurl said: i wasnt trying to be rude, and i have no plan of making any masterposts. and obviously its shitty to reblog and then link to that, i honestly thought it would make sense people would link to the original post. you dont have to project your shitty sarcasm on me.

    did you really think essentially asking “Why should we respect your wishes about your content” wasn’t rude as fuck


  9. officialbadurl said: why dont u want ppl putting your brushes in masterposts? like even if they just link to here?

    because people who compile them are shitty and don’t link to the original blog? but to the reblogged post on their own blog? which functions as a way to strip credit from the original content creator? and is just another facet of the fucked up way that artists and art are treated online? 


  10. mallowninja replied to your post: only pants kids will understand

    truly an innocent time

    I never did draw pants again