1. eeehhh I think I’ll keep working on it tmrw I just have to try and not over render everything.


  2. so like, these painted-y headshots for 15, 20$, would people be interested in that


  3. hollowlaughter replied to your post: some drow for hollowlaughter how 2 cha…

    Well if you saw the hair sketches I did there were some undercuts and stuff in there so it works.

    I did and was basically “oh there’s an undercut¬†guess my hands are tied now


  4. yeah I think I like it


  5. thinking about just ditching solid pen lines for stuff we’ll see tho


  6. some drow for hollowlaughter

    how 2 character design by me: step 1: mohawk, step 2: clothes ??? step 3: eh nah just add some randomly bunched fabric. fashion.


  7. I feel like it might be a timely reminder that my pronouns are they/them/their or alternately board/board/boards


  8. so the tags on the reblogs of my tuts are usually pretty standard #ref #reference #art ref etc etc etc

    but then every 100 tags or so I get


  9. Honored Breq of the Gerentate 

    I finished reading Ancillary Justice for the second time and let me tell you I have some very intense feelings about it rn, but also no excuse to not draw the particular suit that’s described when Breq first arrives at Omaugh Palace that’s been stuck in my head since the first time I read it.

    I imagine Radchaai fashion tends to be loosely cut but still very structured. I’m also head over heels w/ the idea of asymmetric tailored jackets right now so fuck it.¬†

    Space fashion.