1. email Mer.Mallette@gmail.com 

    One slot available. 


  2. I got a new sketchbook to fill with really shitty sketches about stupid things so I worked on silhouettes for pea


  3. I made a video game.


    Senpai simulator 2014

    Press A to blow left, Press D to blow right, hold space bar to summon the senpai storm. 


  4. don’t reblob

    uugghh opal probably one of my favorite character designs everrr


  5. deliciousboards:

    more artifact thumbs


  6. xellandria asked: You mentioned at one point you had your own pastel cyberpunk chick, what's her deal? :>

    she’s the one I just posted with the white hair. She’s not really cyberpunk per se, but her story is based in a futuristic semi-utopia with omnipresent wireless power via electromagnetism. The premise of her story was that “souls” are able to live on in the electromagnetic cloud and she has the power to transfer them from one thing to another. Usually people with that kind of ability can only remove souls from stuff, not put them back in things again, so that makes her very Valuable to Certain People.

    I never got much done story wise because I was way more interested in the universe. I got as far as designing her shipping container apartment, down to the aeroponic house plants. 




  9. blobs. hunter needs some more armor details, doktha is probably ready to go to lining. 


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